And so it begins…

For a while I was in a race to see how well I could live – how much stuff and how many services I could afford.

I equated happiness with stuff.

I equated stuff with success. As my payscale rose, so did my spending. I would think “now, I can afford that” so I would get it, regardless of if I needed it.

As simple examples:  Because I had money to afford the fancy cable/ internet/ home phone bundle package – I got it – regardless of if it was something I actually needed. Because I had money to afford a new fancy smart phone, I got it and the large data package that had to come with it – regardless of the fact that I neither truly wanted or needed it.

There are many similar situations when you sit down and think of them, and on varying scales for each of us.

And at some indistinct point a journey started unfolding before me.

For me, it started first with getting healthy. Losing weight and getting to a state physically where I didnt dread physical strenuations, but rather welcomed them as way to test my physical and mental limits.  Once I started to get physically healthy, I started getting emotionally healthy and happy and my mind began to open up to  world of  new challenges and new experiences…a documentary here, a blog there, a book there…and before I knew it my mind started going places: What could I accomplish in my life if I weren’t so tied down to all this stuff? How would my life experience improve and evolve?  What kind of adventures could I have?  What kind of relationships could I have? What kind of people could I meet, or even help? And in changing my own life…how could I do it in a way that showed some semblance of responsibility to the earth and the other creatures on it? 

It was (and is) about coming to a place physically and mentally where I can recognize that living in complete complacency and comfort isn’t living at all.  Sitting on the couch in front of the tv shutting off the world with movie after movie while blasting my AC and gorging myself on Americanized chinese food IS.NOT.LIVING. And for that matter, even things I consider “vacations” arent really deeply connecting trips.  Going to theme parks and Americanized tourist destinations that cater to selling people a bunch of crap made in China and everyone taking the American dollar while speaking English is NOT.THE.WAY.TO.EXPERIENCE.OTHER.CULTURES.

Fortunately for me, my brother (Nick) seemed to be going through a similar journey.  We had taken completely different routes but the destination is the same.  We began to exchange passionate ideas here and there and thus HLP was born. My intent is to use HLP as a place to learn and grow and share my journey on multiple levels.  For me, living a full life is MULTI-faceted. It isnt just about living simply or being eco-conscious.  But it’s ALSO about pursuing your innate passions, caring for each other, taking wild and crazy chances…pushing yourself mentally and physically to the limits (disclaimer: all of our limits differ). But its about starting where you are at, and making a change one simple step at a time.

Nick and I intend to use this blog precisely to do that.  Chronicle those baby steps, maybe learn and grow from each other.  I believe I heard an appropriate quote somewhere about how life is in the journey

I will leave you with that.