Update on the Appalachian Trail quest.

This Thursday, my wife and I are flying out to Santa Cruz, CA to visit her Dad.  The cool thing about this trip is that Wilder Ranch State Park and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park are literally only minutes from where her dad lives.  I’ve only been to Santa Cruz once, and I didn’t get the opportunity to visit the redwoods, so I’m looking forward to it.  Also, this will be the perfect opportunity for me to do a little training hike in my quest to hike the AT.  There is a 12-mile loop that I have read about that goes from the Pacific shoreline to the redwoods.  I’m ecstatic.

Not only will this be a great opportunity for a little physical fitness, but since the baby was born I don’t recall the last time I did anything by myself.  This concept is not one new parents are very familiar with, I can assure you.  However, while in Santa Cruz, I’m going to take 6 hours or so to do this 12-mile hike and spend a little time alone.

Of course I’ll take pictures.  Hey, I might even try to film a small section of it and see if Reese and I can use it in our promo video for the AT trip.  Who knows.  But what I do know, is that I am taking at least a half-day to do some hiking by myself in Cali.  Truly Happy.

I’ll take some photos and notes while I’m out there and post when I get back.

3 days left.