Sometimes, Finishing Is Only The Beginning

It’s been about six months now that I have been planning and preparing for this garden of mine.  I have given you updates as I have moved forward with it, and now, today, it is complete!  Today I finished shoveling the dirt into my raised bed and planted all of my seeds. I have carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, cayenne peppers, jalapenos, garlic, chives, scallions, broccoli, romaine lettuce, caesar lettuce, slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, and pole beans.  As I was placing the last seeds, watering, putting up the last two sections of my pallet fence, there was this immense sense of completion.  I set out to do this thing months ago and, as per my resolution to be a man of my word, I have now completed the task.  The feeling of accomplishment left me proud.

I thought about it though.  And, yes, I did complete the task.  And, yes, I did follow through, all the way through, with what I set out to do.  But that’s not it.  I’m not done.  The sense of completion was not invalid, but it is not complete.  I have not finished.  I have.  But I haven’t.  I haven’t because now I have to grow these veggies.  I have to care for this garden.  Not to mention the hens that I have now too. Great, I wanted a garden and now I have it.  Great, I wanted hens and now I have some.  But finishing these tasks is now the beginning of other tasks.  Follow through.  Follow up.  Maintain.  Grow.  Is it possible maintain and yet grow?  It has to be or else my garden and my hens both are in a world of hurt.

I’m learning that gardening is a great theory, and so is owning chickens, or goats for that matter, or cows.  But, when you finally get to that point where you’re like, “Sweet, I got my garden” or , “Sweet, I got some chickens”, just remember that that moment of accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement is just the beginning of a new phase of maintaining and growing.  One door closes, and another opens.  One sun sets, but another rises.

Being a man of my word is teaching me things about gardening, about raising chickens, about raising my daughter, about loving my family.  Gardening is teaching me things about being a man of my word.  This life has funny ways of tying itself all together in intricate ways that, when you notice them, can really open your mind and make you see things in a wonderful way.  It can also make you grow as a person.  Learning those things, noticing those intertwined connections in my own life is priceless and teaches me many things, like the lesson I’m learning now:

Sometimes, finishing is only the beginning.

SO, head up, focus, and move forward.  But don’t forget to keep your eyes open.  Because you might miss one of life’s wonderful intricacies that could change your way of thinking.

…and I will keep you updated on the garden.

garden with sign