I feel like I’m in a weird limbo right now because I know that my life is going to change here soon.  It’s not like someone is dying or I’m going to have a kid or anything, but sometimes I think it’s the smaller, more subtle changes that hold the greatest effects over your life.  So here’s the deal: one of my best friends is moving to New York on the 30th of October, this freaking weekend, and secondly, another of my good friends is moving home to Virginia the 15th of November, just around the corner.  I want to interject here that I am very happy for these people because I know that these moves are what’s best for them in their lives right now; however, this leaves me in a state of declined “friend time”…this sounds really crazy and almost childish but I really appreciate these friendships in my life.  I feel like these people really are good friends, not just people that I drink with or hang out with every now and then, but they are the kind of people that I know really care about me and how I’m doing and vice versa.  It’s really going to suck to see them go.  Like I said though, I really believe that they NEED to make these moves to keep moving in the right direction in their lives.  It makes me feel a little left behind, I mean, I’m still trying to finish school so I have to stay put for at least another year…sometimes I guess I just feel like I’m not making much progress in my own life, which I know isn’t true because I only have two more semesters to graduate.  I know I’m making progress, it’s just a slow grind.  I want to make moves.  I want to progress in my life, something I can easily see.  Big moves like this are easier to acknowledge as progress, it’s more obvious.  I feel like my progress is much more gradual and harder to acknowledge as progress because I’ve been in the same place for years now, still trying to finish…I don’t know.  I do know that once I graduate I won’t feel this way, but of course that situation presents a number of it’s own issues which I will just have to deal with when I get there.  I think all in all I just wish that my life wasn’t so slow-going right now.  I’m sure I won’t feel this way in a couple of years or so.  I’m sure it will be “Where did the time go?  I’m freakin’ done with school now!  Now what do I do?”  The grass is always greener isn’t it?  But, I know it isn’t always greener.  How do people always believe that the grass is always greener even though they know through life experiences that it really isn’t…?  Discontentment, lack of grattitude?  Probably