Marathon Training Update > 1 Month to go

The 2013 Chicago Marathon is a little less than a month away! 

At this point, I have been training my butt off!  I have already run up to 20 miles on my long runs and have one run of 22 miles yet to conquer mid-September.

The process has been a real commitment to say the least! Running these long miles proves to be a really profound experience.  You can’t hold onto negative thoughts, they affect your run immensely!  You stop telling yourself “I can’t do that” and start thinking about how you CAN.  Part of the profundity is that at some point, you stop being astounded with how far your mind and body can go.  Part of the reason for that is sheer necessity. Its akin to a survival mechanism. The more daunting you let the challenge seem, the more your brain creeps in and tells you what is or isn’t possible. But by ignoring the norm, you start accepting the incredible!  And one day you have run 20 miles and while other people are shaking their head and saying things like ” that’s crazy, I can’t believe you did that, there is NO WAY I could do that” you are saying… “yes I did, its not crazy, and you can too!”

Running becomes a way to shed the negativity in your life, learn to keep moving through what seems at the time as unimaginable pain physically and emotionally.  And the edge that you bring yourself to in all of those ways…the hungry, thirsty, tired, emotional abyss that you face with each long run only shows you how incredible you are and how incredible the people around you are.

I am very much looking forward to race day.  At this point, I feel confident I know what to expect out of the experience.  I know how my body works, and what fuel I need.  I am also really looking forward to running that day with a host of thoughts running through my head.

1) I am doing this for an INCREDIBLE cause by running this for Team World Vision 

2) I have had a tough few months emotionally, mentally and physically – and pushing through all of that and continuing my training despite what was  going on in my home life has proved to be really humbling, empowering, and generally moving for me.

When I cross that finish line, I will (tearfully) be summing up over six months of struggle in one SUPREMELY joyous, victorious moment. A moment where I have proved that I will not stand in my own way…That life will not stand in my way. And that I can live my life and run my race not just for myself but for others.

So, thank you.  Thank you for supporting me all the way.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.23.05 PM

Icing and elevating the leggies…a part of my regular routine these days!

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.23.58 PM

If you arent drenched, you must not have been running in the Texas heat!