Why I am trading in hard copy Books for an E-Reader

I am switching over to an e-reader on my iPad despite my preference in holding and smelling and flipping through an actual book. As a literature scholar and lover, it feels utterly sacrilege.

Why did I come over to the dark side after all this time, you ask? It ended up being a decision based simply upon principle rather than preference.

  • It’s more environmentally responsible:  No one will be able to blame the demise of trees on my love for books.
  • Voluntary Simplicity: One of my goals is to simplify my life in at least one new way each month.  One month it might be clearing some clutter, or unsubscribing from marketing emails or…as I am doing this month, I am switching from books to an e-reader. I simply don’t want to continue collecting stuff. Books are my weakness…one more step towards living more simply and minimally.
  • Cha-Ching!!: Another benefit is that I will spend less on average, cutting my novel expenditures by at least half, in most cases. My bank account (and my expensive running habit) likes the principle of this.

Oh, I am not ashamed to say that I am particularly fond of the highlighting, notes, and bookmarking options.

On the downside: if the world ever ends by some sort of massive electromagnetic burst or atom bomb or similar, we will be scrambling (not for food or anything superfluous like that) for the remaining paper copies of books (a la Book of Eli)…I am sure of this.