I Love Running, for the People

The fascinating part about runners is that you can hit it off with people of all ages and interests – because you all share the common love of running AND because runners are inherently open people. You have to be if you are running socially. One of the girls that I was talking to tonight mentioned how its funny how deep runners go in their conversations. She mentioned how she has a friend who has a backyard that backs up to the Katy Trail and her friend loves to listen to runner’s conversations as they run by. She said that it’s funny how runners will talk about anything and everything and seem to think they have this impenetrable box around them like no one else can hear their conversation – which apparently people, is false.

But it’s most definitely true that runners will talk about anything and everything on their heart and mind. Even if they just met!

That’s one of the many reasons I love to run. The people.