Do*Good Fridays

Ok, well the intent was to start this segment on random acts of kindness I did for total strangers, and I was supposed to begin writing this segment like two weeks ago.  Well, right after that Friday I got super sick with some stomach virus that my two-year-old daughter had the Thursday before.  Not fun at all.  Since then, it took me a couple of days to recover, and then the next weekend I went hunting with a friend from college.  SO, no excuses on this end, but I am going to start the segment NOW.

To begin the segment I wanted to share a video that I saw on Facebook.  The video is done by a group of guys under the name Give Back Films.  These guys basically go around making videos of them doing nice things for deserving, under-appreciated people such as waitresses, hotel maids, and the homeless.  Not only do they give, but they really aim at opening peoples’ minds and hearts to be more understanding of those they may not understand or relate to.  The best part of these videos is how deeply affected these people are.  These people may be down on their luck, or may not be.  They may just have a rough day-in day-out kind of grind that they have to do because of circumstances.  Either way, these people in these videos are always immeasurably grateful.  This shows me how much doing something nice for people is missed in this world.  So here it is.  Watch this video, and then go out and do something nice for a stranger.  I will.