Keeping Perspective

I have learned something about myself and my truth. My truths are usually some combination of emotion + baggage + fears. But just because in my head I have made it MY truth, doesn’t make it true TRUTH. So I have started trying to focus on pushing my fears and insecurities aside when contemplating a situation.

Baggage breeds insecurities and insecurities breed mental lies. Insecurities whisper to us all that we aren’t good enough, fit enough, strong enough, smart enough… But what is enough? Is any of that true?

So I repeat the little mantra to myself: Look at the facts, not how you feel. React to the facts, not how you feel.

Imagine if people stopped viewing every bad or unfortunate or hurtful situation in their life as a “poor-me” moment, or a personal assault by others or even by the Universe…and instead focused in on the truths of the situation…I believe that everyone would find themselves much stronger mentally and emotionally.  Strength, perseverance, the ability to overcome through confusing, uncertain or difficult times…it is ALL about state of mind. When you allow the non-truths of the situation to settle in on your heart, that is when you find yourself in a state of overwhelm.

When someone hurts you, it isn’t about you…it’s about them. If a situation or a relationship isn’t going how you imagine it in your head, maybe you should stop imagining what the outcome SHOULD be and accept it for what it is. When something doesn’t go your way, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

The simple truth is that people hurt and get hurt. Bad things and sometimes tragic things happen. That is part of this life that we live. It doesn’t mean in any way that life (or others) is out to get any one of us.

We have so much more power over a situation by how we view it and how we handle it. And we handle it better if we focus on the truth and push the fears, doubts and mental lies aside.