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There are two YOUs.


There is the you that speaks to my soul. That connects on a deep and eternal level. When you are of this spirit, you can look in my eyes and know with absolutely no words, what my spirit is saying to yours. When you are of this spirit, you are happy and free and childlike and open…you are fearless, if even for a moment.


Then there is a you that is hardened and distant. This is a you that has been born out of life experiences, and broken,manipulative, and hurtful relationships. It is a version of you that has compiled libraries of {jaded} advice from a broken society with poor judgment and little wisdom that LIKES to tell you what is important in life…like chasing success or recognition or pride. It tells you to build up your own personal kingdom at the expense of other, less-worthy kingdoms.

It has taught you what to think and how to feel and tells you how you should respond all under the guise of experience. But, …it shuns vulnerability. It is exclusive {and therefore, it is alone}. It tells you to protect YOU at all costs – including creating a fortress around your heart that is nearly impossible for people to break into unless you HAND them the key…unless you lower your drawbridge and let them in. But it is wrong. It IS jaded. It is driven by fear and selfishness and reinforced by lies and untruths.


The truth is that kings who are comfortable and “safe” in their fortressed cities rarely let outsiders in, for fear of a trojan horse that might topple their secure little empire. And the longer they keep outsiders forbidden from entering, the more the outsiders feel like enemies of the state…and react thusly. It’s a cycle. And it perpetuates with the king.


The people on the outside of the fortress walls don’t want to come in to destroy, they want to come in to thrive. They want to connect.


It takes an act of love to let someone in, not fear.


Pure love drives out fear. Pure love pushes this world-hardened version of ourselves aside and let’s our inner lights shine. It allows us to love and communicate freely, with no ego or expectation or fear of our hearts being mistreated. It tells our hearts that even if we end up broken or hurt, that we WILL heal. It’s the purest form of being. We want to live in this space, but alas…we live in a world that has hardened us with years of wear and tear …and cutting of our souls and the grinding down of our fearless edges.


And therefore we see a perfect and infinite glimpse of love within each other. We get a glimpse into what empires might look like should all the kings leave their fortress gates wide open to visitors. We see a glimpse of celebration and love and community and joy.


But just as soon as it is apparent, it disappears behind the walls of our fortressed hearts.


…Because just like there are two YOUs, there are two MEs.