WHO we are. WHY we are.

The Happy Life Project (HLP) is our attempt at:

  • Living our lives the way we want to live them: not feeling imprisoned by finances or status quo or consumerism. In not being imprisoned by these things, we free ourselves to live much more fully.
  • Living our lives in a way that is increasingly responsible to the earth and to each other. In doing so, we open ourselves up to a world of human experience and joy.


Nick and Debbie are a brother and sister duo, both currently residing in Texas (Austin and Dallas, respectively) who grew up amidst constant change and flux in their own home lives: They moved constantly, living in a number of different cities and states, something Debbie credits with their innate gypsie-ness. They were raised in a conservative and deeply spiritual home – both factors that contributed to their incessant need for a deeply personal, spiritual journey.

Nick holds a BS in Anthropology. He has truly an adventurous and athletic spirit and has always enjoyed working with the earth. His jobs have ranged from high end retail sales (he sure dresses well) to roofing, cabinetry, irrigation & landscaping to Archeology. He’s the type of guy who can literally do anything he sets his mind to.

Debbie holds a BA in English Literature and is currently pursuing her Graduate degree. She has always been a super hard worker and worked her way through school full time in the evenings while working a full time office job. She was the first in her family to earn a college education and lives an oxymoronic life as she is equally passionate about business as she is about writing and literature. She truly has an entrepreneurial spirit.

A Note from Debbie:

 I have (somewhat subconsciously) lived my life mostly along the lines of the motto that “ignorance is bliss” and “what you can’t see can’t hurt you”. But over time I am realizing that my own health and happiness was and is truly being affected by the ignorant way in which I was/am living my life. My deepest desire is to live a FULL and happy life. What constitutes a full life? To me it is not just in the pursuit of living freely and happily, but also in the serving and loving of others. That is where we find joy and meaning.

The pursuit of happiness being the sole goal of this blog would be a discredit. Happiness can be so fleeting and emotional. More than happiness…we seek JOY. A joy so profound and deep and fulfilling that my life is changed and the lives of others are changed, despite times of trial or need. Happiness rests on external circumstances. Joy is internal and profound. God has given me a world to explore, talents and interests to pursue and take advantage of, a body to keep healthy, an earth to be caretaker of and most importantly, people in need of love and friendship and sometimes a bit more than that… These ideas are at the root of what HLP means to me.

Most of our journey is yet ahead.


A Note from Nick:  

There are so many things that people focus on in this life to bring happiness. The things that we have – and many people have – considered to be those that bring about happiness are now things that we consider to be superfluous and even frivolous. There are a whole host of things that hold more meaning and are more substantial that truly bring about happiness – and more than happiness – contentment.

I want HLP to be a place where there might be some sort of intelligent discourse there where two people constricted and confined by this intensely impersonal modern world we live in could actually converse and exchange information, ideas, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts and just possibly, come out on the other side better people because of it.

You may learn something. I will definitely learn something. We may just learn to   be human beings together

…but who knows. I may just be full of hippy crap.

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  1. Merdynn
    Merdynn at · Reply

    Love you guys…..doing awesome work here.

    Oh….FYI….Nick, you kinda really are full of hippy crap ;)
    That’s why I love ya

  2. Azul
    Azul at · Reply

    Great Site you guys keep it up!.

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